Let’s all change the status quo

Grow sales, gain product distribution and evidenced
activation within the independent retail sector

connecting brands with

With access to over 22,000 independent retailers across all symbol groups and wholesalers as well as pure indies, its FREE to use our comprehensive database to really nail your campaign.

We can strategically sit alongside existing field sales teams or offer a full end to end alternative solution.

Furthermore, we have NO RATE CARD for activation. We want you to be in complete control of your campaign and that means you should decide how much you reward the retailer not us. hubpix. has been designed to appeal to all brand owners no matter how large, small or regional you are.

It’s time for a new way of thinking!

What hubpix. can do for you


Create some really unique campaigns

hubpix allows you to drill down to the retailers you want to talk to, so you can be really smart with your budget and nail the best ROI you can.


Enjoy activation levels equal to the multiples

Because you are rewarding the retailers with an incentive, we have proven they will support your campaign. Through the hubpix app, retailers gather the evidence you need and if they don’t, you don’t pay the reward.


We can ship stock to further add to your ROI

We know some brands want to ship stock with point of sale to further enhance ROI. Within the hubpix group we have access to a 100,000sqft warehouse facility that has the ability to ship and invoice products at the same time.


We can find out want retailers think by doing surveys

The hubpix database is comprehensive and growing by the week. Sometimes a brand will want to know something specific and that’s also where we can help. Through the app, you can run surveys or questionnaires, so you get some quality data to make your campaigns epic.


Measure and monitor core range

We know how important the right range is in store. Through the hubpix app we are able to monitor SKU’s taken directly from EPoS data so there’s no ambiguity if a retailer is stocking your products. We can monitor your loyalty scheme for you, tell you what the Retailer is selling the product for and further, why not target a campaign with stores who don’t stock your lines? You can with us!


Get meaningful sales data direct from stores

Want to know rate of sale, measure promotional compliance, understand a true ROI on a campaign? We take sales direct from the Retailer and as we are using physical store data, the results we get are truly factual.


There is a better way!

We use modern technology to connect you directly to 10,000’s of independent retailers across the country. We save you £1,000’s in waste, deliver unheard of levels of activation and give you a greater ROI.


Top questions from Brands

How targeted can I be on my campaign?

We allow you to be incredibly targeted using our comprehensive hubpix database. Choose between Store Fascia, location, size, weekly turnover plus a collection of other relevant data fields to really get the best value for your budget.

What do you mean by no Rate Card, the brand decides?

hubpix exists to connect brands directly with like-minded retailers and therefore lets you choose how much you want to reward the retailers for supporting you. The reward is also only payable to the retailers who provide the evidence.

Can I print the assets for the campaign or do you have to?

Again you decide. We can produce any asset you want (subject to you approving the print cost) to your specification and artwork or you can simply send the assets direct to our distribution centre.

Can I sell stock to support my campaign through hubpix and can you distribute it for me?

Yes and you can still use the targeting from our database to decide who you want to sell stock to as well. We approach the retailers and do the selling for you through the hubpix app. Retailers agree to purchase the stock and we send out directly to them from our distribution centre in Dunstable.

So how do I know who has supported my campaign?

We provide you with a comprehensive post campaign report, which includes full statistics and every piece of evidence.

Can I use hubpix alongside my Field Sales resource?

Absolutely. We can take your base Field Sales call list and remove it from our database so you are never double accounting. This way you can call on the stores you normally do and use hubpix to connect with the rest.

How do I pay the retailer who supported my campaign?

We pay our retailers within ten days of the campaign finishing to ensure they continue to be fully engaged with your brand. We therefore request that you follow the same terms wherever possible.

How do I create a new campaign?

It’s really easy. All you need to do is contact us, tell us what you want to do and who with.

How many stores do you have in your database?

We have access through the group to just over 22,000 stores across all fascia types and all wholesalers and this continues to grow at pace.